3D CGI Animation and Illustration by Mark Mitchell


It’s not Hollywood, it’s Honiton

3D CGI isn’t just for multi-million-pound movies. (Although we have created characters for FIFA, animations for CARLSBERG and web commercials for BAYER CROP SCIENCE.) CGI can help you to promote your brand, and it’s not as expensive as you might think. Need to start marketing your product before it’s ready? A photo-realistic image can be designed while your product is still on the drawing board. And it can be tweaked as much as you like.

Want to make a film about your annual performance, your product’s features or create a short advert for social media? CGI can be more cost-effective than videography, and you’re not dependent on the weather, council restrictions or the laws of physics.

You can choose 3D CGI, Animation or even motion graphics and we explain the difference below.

Mark Mitchell is a Member of the Association of illustrators: 

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What is CGI?

CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery. CGI uses computer graphics to create images for films, video games, theatre, books, printed media, art, simulators, commercials, adverts and videos. It’s an important element of 3D CGI Animation.

What is 3D CGI Animation?

3D CGI Animation takes the images created in CGI (Computer Created Graphics) and uses them to create animated videos or similar.

What Are Motion Graphics?

The key word here is graphics. Motion graphics are text (graphics) coupled with movement. It’s animation where the key component is the text.

What is Animation?

Animation in art is very old. Flip books, where a slightly different image appears on each page and appeared to move when the pages were flicked through is a very early form of animation.

Walt Disney took animation further where animation was created using a succession of images captured on film. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other characters were animated from thousands of still images and delighted children for decades.

In a similar way we have stop motion animation where puppets or 3D models of clay, plastic etc are moved between each frame of a movie camera to produce apparent motion.

Today animation usually refers to the animation of computer generated imagery (CGI).

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