Online Booking Systems Versus OTAs


Why Pay Online Booking Services (Like Airbnb,, TopTable) So Much Commission? When Online Booking Systems Are Incredibly Effective?

What if you could save £thousands each year?

Online Booking Systems Can Be Extremely Effective And Save You A Lot of Money
Online Booking Systems Save Money

Taking a room, or table booking, via an Online Travel Agency website (OTA), such as Expedia,, OpenTable, Bookatable etc is expensive. And some of them still take a fee even if your customer cancels or you double book.

Not everyone pays as much in fees though.

Some of your competitors are not paying these high rates of commission. They are getting more direct bookings and have total control of all their booking channels in one place. Their profits have increased because they now use a booking process that cuts the amount paid in commissions. Money goes into their bank account, and not to the OTA websites that want an eye-watering 15-25% commission. There is no doubt that Online Booking Systems work extremely effectively.

The booking process they use is called Take Control and is one we’ve developed for a business like yours. It allows you to take bookings on your own website AND/OR use your usual OTA if you prefer.

Other benefits include: –

  • Commission-free sales, some of our clients previously only took bookings from OTAs which took a hefty commission. With the direct booking system they now enjoy the stability of the OTAs while building their own commission-free sales.
  • You can access all your accounts in one place .. even on your mobile phone or tablet when you are on the move.
  • You’ll have more control of your business, bookings and revenue.
  • All room rates and availability are synchronised and full statistics are available to keep track of guests arriving and overall performance of rooms and the property.
  • Double Booking is a thing of the past when Take Control is set up correctly.  If someone books on your site, or on an online booking site you are using, the system synchronises the booking and will automatically amend the availability on all sites. It works like magic!

Implementing Take Control With Online Booking Systems

Depending on your existing website we can either link this system into your existing site or build you a new site.

In either case we offer out of hours support and advice.

We can also help you to improve your marketing at minimal cost, provide search engine optimisation, and probably* get you on page one of Google’s search results.

Does our OTA Booking System Work?

A recent client’s commission-free direct bookings have soared to 56% of their annual turnover in one year. They have seen £thousands extra income going into their bank account …and it’s down to commission-free bookings.

If You Want to Take Control Contact Us Today

It costs nothing to talk. Just contact us by email or on 01404 45922 and let’s have a chat about how you could increase your direct bookings and profit.

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