Adding more value to your printed marketing!

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Adding more value to your printed marketing, “what’s the catch?” I hear you say! Well, a resounding “NO CATCHES” is our response, so, read on.

Marketing is no longer the sole domain of printed ink on paper. Social media, digital delivery on the Web and e-mail play a significant role in the marketing of today. But this additional media adds more cost to your campaign. In other words – it’s often prohibitive.

It’s not surprising Studio Mitchell know this because we work across a broad range of marketing media. So, with our know-how, we decided to create a useful multimedia bonus package for print marketers without affecting the great value design work they already enjoy with us.

Firstly we will design your printed brochure as usual. However, in addition, we will add a flipbook for your website*. So clients/customers can view your catalogue online. Finally, we will craft a broadcast quality 3D animated advertisement to share on social media platforms. All within the original estimated cost to design your printed brochure, adding more value to your printed marketing.

Here that is again . . .

  • Brochure for print
  • + FREE Online ‘flipbook’ digital version for clients/customers to have immediate access to.
  • + FREE Online animated advertisement to promote your brochure on social media.

Building with Frames brochure

Building with Frames took advantage of our design for print with the multimedia bonus. We designed a 16-page self-cover colour brochure for them and they were thrilled with the bonus content.

We are delighted with the new Flip Book and animated social media feature that reflects our off-site business. Mark has worked hard with us to create a really clear concise summary. Thank you, Mark!

Kate BWF

‘Flipbook’ website presentation. Adding more value to your printed marketing

The ‘flip book’ presentation of your printed brochure is a virtual 3D interactive module which can be added to your website *. For instance, the pages animate and turn either by dragging from right to left or clicking on the navigation arrows and you can choose to have the audible “page turning” effect on or off.

Other key features that make this system a great addition to your printed brochure are full-screen viewing, print and the download options located at the bottom of the page. The flipbook works on mobile and tablets too!

Key features

Download PDF

Mobile / Tablet friendly


View full screen

Animated promotion for social sharing. Adding more value to your printed marketing

Studio Mitchell produces broadcast CGI 3D animation and motion graphics for the Web and Television. Allow us to design your printed brochure and we will also deliver an animated movie as seen in the example above. Share this on your social media feeds such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

This page-turning animation will accommodate the number of pages you have in the publication. You have the following choices:



Your message

Background colour

Contact number/e-mail


So in conclusion, if you are thinking of having a brochure designed, call us. You get a lot more for your money with Studio Mitchell.

*Supported in WordPress, JQuery and Visual Composer

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