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B&B online booking system

OTA’s % Commission

A B&B online booking system for small properties is often handled by an OTA (Online Travel agent) such as Booking.com or expedia.com. OTAs have a well-established presence on the web but they command hefty commissions in compensation for their services which can be as much as 17% and upwards. That’s a big chunk of the income for hard working B&B owners.

B&B businesses, therefore look to generate their own direct bookings and avoid the OTA commission. Often this does not work well due to their B&B website being inadequately prepared to deal with taking private bookings while updating availability on their OTA channels. This can result in double bookings and the OTAs still expect a commission for a booking made through their sites, it’s in the small print of their contract!

Weycroft Millhouse is a thriving B&B just outside of Axminster, Devon. Their OTA channel was performing well but they had so few private direct bookings you could count them on one hand. A common problem, their own website was just not performing. The owners approached Mediaset to investigate how to rectify this problem with as little disruption to their business as possible.

Their site used Eviivo to take direct bookings. In other words, this was not a booking engine on their site. A simpler, quick fix for the web developer to  ‘plug in’ an external service. This, however, is also at a % cost to the property.

Our B&B online booking system

The difference is Studio Mitchell build a bespoke B&B online booking system directly into websites. This means:

  • No % fees for your direct bookings
  • Availability is updated to all your OTA channels
  • Closing off rooms on your system updates the OTA channels
  • Certified for Joomla and WordPress CMS websites
  • Descriptive content for all your room types
  • Photo Galleries
  • SEF tools
  • Prices per night and per occupancy
  • Bookings and availability Calendars
  • And more!

After discussing our findings we built a completely new website for Weycroft Millhouse B&B. We cut hosting costs and removed the Eviivo direct booking costs. Our B&B online booking systems have provided the client with the ability to try other OTA channels such as AIR B&B and Expedia. Dipping their toe into new markets to see what works best for them. All of this is possible while they can see a month on month growth of their own direct bookings. Not forgetting the direct bookings when you generate direct bookings from your website, you spend nothing on commission fees. It’s your website.

In conclusion, we can reduce your costs to OTAs by increasing your direct bookings. There is always a use for OTAs when you wish but this is the key, having healthy direct bookings gives you more control over your business. Direct bookings are now almost 50% of this clients revenue thanks to our booking engine.

Read more in our article about booking system websites.

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