CGI 3D animation – Volt Loudspeakers infomercial


CGI 3D animation produced by studio mitchell has been utilised by several Audio / Hifi manufacturers such as Tannoy and Pristine Vinyl .

For example our latest 3D animation for Volt Loudspeakers a complexed short informercial demonstrates the unique functionality of their radial speakers heat sink.

Creating the video in 3D allowed Volt to simply and clearly explain how their system functions compared to standard speaker systems. Moreover any other production method would have been costly and much more difficult to produce the same effect. 

During the project we worked very closely with the engineers at Volt. Above all attention to detail was paramount for this product. Their market is highly experienced and knowledgable buyers and manufacturers. Therefor the information had to be clear, succinct and entertaining. 

In short Volt were a pleasure to work with and the resulting video has gained a lot of positive attention. Check out their Google Business review (left)

More 3D animation examples

3D CGI animation for Pristine Vinyl’s RCS1. An ingenious vinyl record cleaning system, this animated video provides a clean product demonstration. 

CGI 3D animation for the Tannoy AMS speaker range world launch. 

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Read more about our 3D CGI animation and illustration here. 

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