CGI Christmas Video time! Contact us to discuss yours.


Studio Mitchell animate a CGI Christmas video message each year. So we can share our video seasons greetings on social media and on our own website.

We thoroughly enjoy crafting comic characters and creating engaging short storyboards. 

You can certainly have a lot of fun with 3D animation, but the sky isn’t the limit because you can still go above and beyond. Therefore your imagination is the only limiting factor, well that and of course time! 

Animation is a great way to get a message over through social media. Digital marketing is rapidly evolving and we continue to see trends that favour video. 44% of SMB Marketers Plan to Spend Money Promoting Facebook using Video Content.

As a result over 8 billion videos or 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook every day. More than 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube each day. Yes that’s not a typo, EACH DAY!

Furthermore People are 5 times more likely to watch social media video such as Facebook on their phones. Consequently video has huge market access direct to your prospective clients.

Studio Mitchell produce bespoke animated Christmas movies. Think of them as a snap shot commercial which can drive traffic to your website or even promote a special offer for Black Friday or other promotions. 

Below are a couple of examples we have created for our clients. Check out some of our past years Studio Mitchell Christmas animations here

CGI Christmas Video projects

A Christmas commercial for the Pristine Vinyl RCS1. Used in Social media, Facebook and Twitter.

The product was recreated and animated completely in 3D CGI to a photorealistic level. Consequently there was no need for a cameraman, a studio, a snow machine or a lighting rig. Certainly more cost effective.

The Pure Jewels Christmas video was a vehicle to message its valued customers all over the world wishing them a Happy Christmas via Facebook and Twitter. 

Contact Mark Mitchell to discuss your Christmas video project.

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