How To Attract Website Visitors to Any Website


You Spend Time and Money on a New Website And Then Worry About How To Attract Website Visitors to Your New Website. This Is What You Should Do.

How To Attract Website Visitors
How To Attract Website Visitors

Getting website visitors, especially to a new website can be daunting. But there are hundreds of ways to attract people to websites and many of them are either free or very low cost. There is of course a difference between getting people and getting the right sort of people. The right sort of people will buy your goods and services but we shouldn’t disregard the others. They have a value simply because the more people that visit the better Google likes it and the more likely it is that you’ll get found on the search engine results pages (SERPS).

Below I’m going to list just some of the hundreds of ways that work

How To Attract Website Visitors by Using Social Media

Social media gets huge volumes of traffic on their platforms every minute of the day and you can use this to attract visitors to your website.

Regularly post on the social media platforms that you use. Use hashtags to attract more visitors to the post and then provide a link to your site. The link is important as without it the people reading your post stay on the social media platform. The problem is sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn don’t want people leaving and discourage it. If you add a link to your post they just don’t show the post to many people. The trick is to post the link in the comments below your main post.

The majority of websites are very poor at getting social media traffic. Typically I find less than 1% of traffic on a website being from a social media platform. Sometimes its more but it rarely goes above 2-3%. The trick is to post part of what you are saying on social media and the rest on the website. But it has to be good content as people will not follow the link unless it intrigues them enough to do so.

Using Email Lists To Encourage Website Traffic

If you have an email list make sure you encourage them to go from any newsletters you send out to your website. One way is to copy the method I suggested in the Social Media section. Provide additional content on the website. Say for example i wrote a piece in my newsletter about the 47 Ways To Market a Pub. I could write about 2-3 in the newsletter and tell them the rest are on my website and provide the link to that specific page.

Encourage the email readers and website visitors to share your links with their friends.

How To Attract Website Visitors by Using Website Links

Google loves websites that have internal links and incoming links. Incoming links are like gold dust. Google loves them as they are like votes from other websites for your website. And if they come from very reputable sites such as academic sites Google loves them even more. They give each website a score they call its Domain Authority (DA). Your DA can range from 1-100 with higher figures being best. There are many factors contributing to your DA and incoming links are very important in calculating your DA.

The thing is that if other people’s websites are pointing to your website it means that people can visit your website by following the link. Its the exact opposite to what the Social Media platforms are doing.

Let me give you an example of a link. Because I think you might want to check your Domain Authority, and because I rate this website I’m going to provide them with an incoming link.

Using GMB To Get Website Visitors

Claim your GMB (Google My Business) profile. Its free and you can then post content, images and video on there with links to your website. It makes a huge difference with your rankings and you get people visiting your website.

GMB is a classic How To Attract Website Visitors tactic

Using Content To Attract Website Visitors

The easiest way to attract website traffic is to write exceptional content that people love and share. This is the type of content that Google and the other search engines will rank very high on the search pages and that, in turn, will attract more traffic.

And don’t just produce written content. Use video, audio, infographics, quizzes, surveys, downloads and anything else that will inform and keep peoples’ interest.

Ensure your content is thorough, unique and adds value to your visitors visit. Lean content, content that is only a few dozen words long, rarely satisfies visitors. Its OK if someone Googles which is the highest mountain in the world and you give the answer as Mount Everest. But usually people want more in depth answers or additional information such as where is Everest, who has climbed it, when and much more. Good content is often at least 600 words in length and it could be much more.

Using On Page SEO to Attract Website Traffic

If you want people to find you online you have to ensure Google likes your site, indexes it and shows you high in the search engine results pages. Writing good content is important but you also need to ensure that you use carry out the other on page SEO actions. Use a checklist and ensure you’ve done things like using an unique page title, focused on suitable keyword(s) and/or keyword phrases, used meta tags and alt tags, used images and maybe video or infographics plus have included internal links. There are about 200 SEO factors in the search algorithm and not all are on page by any means, but you need to use as many as you can without going overboard. Getting the balance right isn’t easy but when you do the rewards are huge.

If you can use a plugin such as Yoast it makes things easier. No plugin works magically. You have to do the hard work. But it does point you in the right direction.

Choosing the Right Keywords, Especially Long Tail Keywords

Choosing keywords is as difficult as tightrope walking
Choosing keywords is as difficult as tightrope walking

Another balancing act we need to perform is finding the right keywords and balance between short tail and long tail keywords. The short tailed keywords are those that loads of people search for, and so loads of people try to use. There is a lot of competition for these keywords. So you need to incredibly good to beat the volume of competition.

Long tail keywords still get searches, but not as many as the the short tail keywords. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth bothering with. Because they will still get a lot of traffic and their isn’t as much competition. Your job is to get the balance right by choosing the right balance between popularity and competition. Its like tightrope walking. It’s finely balanced.

There are tools that can help you such as Ubersuggest and Google Adwords.

Ensure Your Website Loads Quickly

No one likes websites that take ages to load. 2-3 seconds is the longest that it should take. After that for every extra second it take you will lose a large percentage of visitors. That means fewer people read your stuff and Google pushes you down the rankings table so fewer people know about your content. Its a vicious circle that you have to avoid.

The thing that tends to slow down sites more than anything are slow loading images. These are usually very large images and you can overcome this by reducing their size. If you use WordPress as a platform you could use plugins such as Smush to reduce the size of your images.

How to Attract Website Traffic by Researching Your Competition

Before writing a new web page look at what your major competitors are saying about this topic. The last thing you want to do is copy them but can you improve on their content? Think through what needs including (look at several sites, think about the FAQs you get asked etc), think about how your content can be better presented and what your take on the topic is.

You can use also research tools such as ahrefs, Buzzsumo and SparkToro to research your topic in more depth.

Now write the best copy you can.

Chase Referral Traffic

If you can get another website to recommend content on your website its like finding a rich seam of gold.

You get both an incoming link to your website which Google loves AND you get the traffic that follows the link.

And if you can get a lot of incoming links it can make a huge difference. Very few sites get a lot of referral traffic. And that’s because their content isn’t good enough to be recommended by other sites. So the secret to referral traffic is writing good content.

Not all links are equal and the best are from well established sites that have plenty of traffic.

Writing Shareable Content Boosts Site Visitors

If you want to be found on search engines and get people to post links to your site your content has to be memorable and valuable. That’s hard to achieve but there is a work around that often works.

Interview Influencers and Important Industry Figures. Then post the interview content on your website and post links on social media with suitable hashtags. Encourage the person interviewed to share links as well. In some cases they will have agents or PR staff whose job it is to keep them in the limelight. In this case its even easier as they will share your content for you.

And if you really want to go to town on this then interview a load of people and post it as as big research piece on what the industry leaders are thinking or saying. Done correctly this also positions you as the authority in the sector you are focusing on, and can help you build a lot of website traffic.

Submit Your Content to the Search Engines

Search engines can’t index your content unless they know it exists. They need a signpost o new content. If you are posting to social media there’s a good chance they will see it there and recognise it as new content. But it’s not certain and it can take time.

A better way to let search engine know is to ensure your content is included on your website’s sitemap and that it is submitted to the search engines. You can do this via Google Search Console or via the Yoast SEO plugin if you use it on your website.

Responsive Websites Attract More Traffic

More than 50% of web traffic is now on mobile devices of some sort. So your website has to be mobile responsive. If it isn’t people will not stay on the site and in some cases will not even come to the site at allow.

And Google now checks that a site works for mobile devices before it checks if it works on desktops. If you fail the mobile responsive test you aren’t going to get much traffic.

There are plugins you can add to your website that allows you to test if your site is responsive enough. Or you can use check your speed on websites designed for this purpose. Most wil even tell you what you need to do to improve your site if it is too slow.

Checking Website Success

Unless you check you have no idea if your page is successful. Just Googling it your self doesn’t work. This is because Google tailors search results to our personal preferences. It’ll show you what it thinks you want to see. So if you have previously clicked on a page (or even a website that has content like that you are looking for) it will show it to you in preference to anything else.

That’s why you meed to search incognito (most browsers let you do this or you can use a proxy server). Then you see what other searchers might see.

Interestingly if two people, sat side by side, both search for the same thing at the same time, they are very likely to get different results. Search Engine know our preferences!

So you need to look at impartial results to see how many people have visited your website and specific pages of content. You can use Google Analytics, Google Search Console or sites like Ubersuggest (though this is less accurate as it makes an estimate rather than reports actual visitors).

How To Attract Website Visitors: The Finale

Above are just a handful of ways to if you want to know How To Attract Website Visitors. If you want to learn more, or need mentoring or help with your marketing get in touch with me now at

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