How To Get 5 Star Ratings In Google Search Results

5 Star Ratings

Getting Five Star Ratings on Google 

Getting great ratings on Google is something that sounds like a good thing. In theory if you are found on Google search, and have a good rating next to your name, it should give you an advantage over the other results on the page .. especially if you are the only one with a star rating. 

And if, due to this, you get more clicks then naturally you are advantaged and are likely to get moved further up the results page. 

This is likely to happen not only on Google search pages but also on Google maps and perhaps on YouTube! 

So I’m trying an experiment. My colleague Ian Brodie has perfected a method for getting more 5* ratings and for getting these displayed in Google searches. I’m now trying to replicate his methodology. If it works I’ll reveal the secret of not only getting great ratings on Google, but also how to display them on the search results pages (SERPS).

But first I need a few more ratings. If you’ve found value in any of my posts over the years please give me a rating by clicking this review tag and rating me now.  Within a few seconds of clicking the link you should see a review box and a blue Write a Review button 

Once I’ve collated the results I’ll write a post explaining how to achieve ratings results. It’ll be posted on this website. 

OK, So I now have some results .. over 25 at the last count. Most very good and one bad one when my site was hacked. You have to take the good with the bad when it comes to teying to get 5 Star Ratings

And my busiens spartner Mark has his on our homepage … look a tthe left hand column.

As an Executive Summary here’s how its done ….

How to Get 5 Star Ratings in Google Search Results

  • Go To Google Maps and open an account (if you don’t already have one).
  • Encourage your customers to give you some good ratings … this was easier than I expected.
  • Insert schema code in your website footer. This is simpler than it sounds and tells Google that your site and ratings are related.
  • Let Google work it’s magic. After 4-6 days you should see the results in Google’s SERPS (Search Engines Results Pages).

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