How to Market a Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Café, Tea Rooms, Coffee Shop, Pub, Wine Bar etc. – The Book  


With over 36,000 words and many images, my book, How to Market a Restaurant, is now available. It’s been written so there’s something for virtually every situation. And if you don’t own a restaurant, cafe or wine bar don’t worry as most of the tips apply to running any business

This is what Deborah from Grenada, MS, said , ” Stefan has created a lovely, easily digestible recipe book that explains the many ingredients involved in successful marketing. He adds intriguing spice with his repeated exhortations to think laterally. Most important, he presents the information in a common sense filled way that makes it seem easy to execute. Much applause, and I am off to put his suggestions into practice.”

Deborah Hicks Midanek on
How to market a restaurant, cafe or coffee shop

You can get it on Amazon at

How to Market a Restaurant With Marketing Strategies and Tactics

The book covers hundreds of marketing strategies and channels you can use to market your food business.  There are more on our YouTube channel which, if you subscribe, will keep you up to date with our new video series on How to market a restaurant and related topics as they are published.  

Read my Top Restaurant Marketing Tips here

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