How To Use HashTags For Marketing

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Why Use HashTags?

Hashtags # Are A Very Effective Marketing Tactic That Can Be Used & Owned By Individuals, Businesses or Brands. Learn How To Use Hashtags Effectively

What Is The Purpose Of A Hashtag #?

#Hashtags are simply a way to organise and share information. They are widely used on social media but I believe this is the tip of the iceberg. Why? Because people search by #hashtags. And Knowing How To Use HashTags is therefore useful to know. That means using them in places like advertising is also useful.

So for example the hashtag #ThreeTypesOfAdvertising is a hashtag that can be searched for and will will reveal posts and pages that used this hashtag. Fortunately there aren’t many and that is where their beauty lies.

Of course just searching for random # isn’t ever going to work. People have to have a reason to search for it. It has to be promoted and become a “byword” for that topic. And that is a challenge I discuss later in this post. But for more generic terms there is no issue.

Here are today’s most popular Instagram hashtags

  • #love.
  • #instagood.
  • #photooftheday.
  • #fashion.
  • #beautiful.
  • #happy.
  • #cute.
  • #tbt.

Who Started The Hashtag?

Social technology expert, Chris Messina, apparently came up with the very first hashtag on Twitter. In August 2007 he posted the following . ?how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]??

Twitter reportedly said they didn’t think it would take off as it was too technical. Today,millions of hashtags are used every day.

Why Is It Called Hashtag?

As a Brit I initially found the hashtag hard to understand when it was also called the pound sign. For me the £ sign is written like this. But of course the Americans didn’t mean this. They meant the weight as in 5# .. which the Brits would write as 5lbs.

As they say we are two nations divided by a common language. though what is common about it I’ve yet to fathom!

How To Use Hashtags

The # sits before a word or phrase (without spaces). So it’s normally written like this … #threetypesofadvertising. Personally I find that hard to read to I tend to write it as follows #ThreeTypesOfAdvertising. The use of leading capitals for each word makes it much easier to read.

It also makes it less likely that your hashtag will be misread and maybe cause embarrassment. Eg The pen is mightier than the sword reads far better in hashtag form with Leading Capitals. The problem is some app and platforms dont allow you to use Leading Caps .. so take care!

How to Measure HashTag Effectiveness – HashTag Analytics

How to Measure HashTag Effectiveness
How to Measure HashTag Effectiveness

Putting hashtags out into cyberspace is easy. But are they working for you? What is really needed is a tool that measures your hashtags effectiveness. The problem is they tend to be expensive for smaller businesses … large businesses may not worry about $49/month but if you use several pieces of software for your marketing it all adds up. And when the cost creeps up to $750 / month .. you decide if it’s worth it!

Firstly you can use Twitter’s own search tool to see how many people are using a specific #. Twitter Allows you to search by people, image, video etc.

Free HashTag Analytic Tools

All the following tools have been promoted as being free .. but too many seem to be charging when I look at the pricing pages. OK some have a free trial period but even there you often have to use a credit card to get registered. I’ve linked those that are free when I checked.

1. Brand 24

2. BrandMentions


4. BuzzSumo

5. Talkwalker

6. Twitter Search

7. TweetDeck

8. Social Searcher

9. Twubs

10. TweetChat

11. #Onemilliontweetmap

12. All Hashtag

Some of the above do far more than just analyse a hashtag you want to use or have used. Some show alternative #, some use maps to show on a map where the hashtag has been used recently. Are they useful? It depends what you are trying to achieve.

how to use hashtagify to discover a hashtag alternative

Finding Alternative Hashtags

The tool I use for this is Hashtagify

How to Own Hashtags

I’ve actually shown how to own a hashtag already. The example I’ve given is #ThreeTypesOfAdvertising. I seem to be virtually the only one using it which means I own it. But that’s no good if no one searches for it. It does however provide opportunities for guerilla marketing. I could get Banksy to leave the hashtag in lots of places and watch the traffic to posts where I’ve used it soar.

OK Banksy might be expensive. So maybe I could post it all over the place and use intrigue to drive traffic. It sounds silly but in the right circumstances this can work.

And one of those circumstances is to own the hashtag for an event you are running. For example this weekend #BeautifulDays is trending (It’s a music festival held each August near my home. The event was founded in 2003 by The Levellers).

How To Use HashTags To Market Any Product or Service
What is the Purpose of a Hashtag?

Hashtags are a way to organise and share information.
hashtag image: How To Use HashTags

Who Started The Hashtag?

Social technology expert, Chris Messina, in August 2007

How Can I Measure HashTag Effectiveness – HashTag Analytics

There are dozens of free and paid-for Hashtag Analytics Tools. Try Googling for Hashtag Analytics Tools.

Where Can I Find Alternative Hashtags?

I Use Hashtagify But There Are Alternatives If You Google For Them

Can I Own a Hashtag?

You Can Start New Hashtags But Other People Can PiggyBack Them If THey Wish. E.g. #ThreeTypesOfAdvertising?

How Do I Write a Hashtag?

Always Start With The Hashtag Symbol #. Then Write Your Hashtag Word Or Phrase With No Spaces.

How Can I Make My Hashtags Stand Out?

Writing Your Hashtag Without Spaces Makes Them Hard To Read. So Use #LeadingCapitals for Each New Word in the Phrase.

How Do You Use Hashtags To Promote?

You Can Focus On Using
– Local Hashtags E.g. #ILoveSidmouth,
– Brand Hashtags E.g. #SidmouthPlumber (not being used at present .. what an opportunity),
– Trending Hashtags (check out what is trending right now
– Activity/Seasonal/Holiday HashTags, E.g. #BankHoliday
– KeyWord Hashtags. E.g. #Marketing

How Do You Make A Catchy Hashtag?

Alliteration Often Works. This is Where You Use The Same Letter Or Sound At The Beginning Of Adjacent Or Closely Connected Words. E.g. #WebsiteWednesday, #LazyLarry or #WednesdayWinners

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