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Stefan Drew - Marketing

Stefan Drew - Marketing Consultant

Stefan Drew

Marketing Consultant

Hi, I'm Stefan.
If you are reading this you are probably curious about marketing and how, if it is done well, it will generate more leads and make you more profit.

I’m often asked about this when I'm interviewed by the BBC, national newspapers or international media. They invariably introduce me as The Marketing Magician and we talk about the magic that marketing can achieve.

One of the things that surprises them most is your insistence that most business marketing doesn’t work. No one expects a marketing guy to say this. But I believe in being straight with people and the truth is most business marketing doesn’t work.

It isn’t that all marketing doesn’t work. Done well it gives superb returns. It’s just that most people don’t understand marketing as well as they should and make basic mistakes. Like the large company that ran an expensive advert without any contact details. 99.9% of people didn’t know how to contact them and the advert was just wasted time and money.

My job is to help businesses to make sure their marketing does work. It’s what I specialise in and the BBC and others think I’m good at it.

My customers range from sole traders to architects, retailers, colleges, membership organisations, restaurants, environmental consultancies and international zoological charities.

I've helped so many businesses achieve marketing magic. For example SEC saw their bookings rise by 33% ... and that was after I cut their budget by £180k.

Another client, Helen, followed my advice and made a few phone calls. The result was £150k worth of extra orders for the cost of a few phone calls. In a morning she virtually doubled her turnover.

In some cases a simple tweak to a website or other process can increase sales by 10% or more in a matter of days.

The thing is marketing needn't cost a fortune. A lot of marketing agencies will try to persuade you to spend, spend, spend. Not us. We want you to get good results for minimal outlay. It can be done and that's why the BBC call me the Marketing Magician.

I could probably help you. Why not contact me? Let's see if we’d enjoy working together. It costs nothing to chat.

And in case you are still wondering if I’m any good ..... have a look at my best selling books and at what people say about me on Google.


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Steve Jobs


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