Is This The College Of The Future?


I’m speaking at a government focused conference next year about education and have been thinking about, and researching, education delivery and business models.

Is this the College of the Future?

What will the college of the future look like? I suggest in this video that it will have dumped the campus-based model and will use driverless mobile classrooms and workshops to visit employers and communities as needed.

The College of the Future and AI

It will undoubtedly be using AI, websites and apps to determine the teaching style best suits each individual and will deliver it when they are most receptive .. early birds and night owls will be catered for as much of the learning will be online and can be accessed 24/7/365. The college of the future will never shut but will deliver lifelong learning as we reboot our careers every few years and adopt a “just in time” learning strategy that uses spaced learning techniques and continuous assessment to optimise our learning.

Using these methods we will learn 2-10 times faster than ever before with lengthy courses being delivered and learnt in weeks or months compared with years.

Schools, colleges and universities will merge to form a continuous learning infrastructure, free to all.

Will the College of the Future look like this?

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