Love Fair Trade Coffee When in Naples, Florida?


At Stefan’s fair trade coffee shop we serve your favourite organic and decaffeinated fair trade coffees including Kenyan, Brazilian, Ethiopian, Guatemalan and Colombian blends.

Coffee beans from Nicaragua and Kenya are Aromatic
Coffee beans from Nicaragua and Kenya are Aromatic

Imagine steaming cups of aromatic coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans farmed by small farmers from around the world.

We firmly believe that fair trade coffee is the best ethical coffee available in Naples today.

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We insist on fairtrade coffee ……..

Fairtrade Coffee Facts

Worldwide coffee has become the most widely traded fairtrade commodity. Most of it is Coffea arabica or Coffea canephora which is almost always grown at high altitudes. Small farmers work in cooperatives and produce high quality coffee for worldwide distribution to coffee consuming countries. These farmers focus on quality and that is the hallmark of good fairtrade coffee.

From Fairtrade bean to coffee cup

The advent of fair trade coffee certification has ensured that the small producers get paid a fair price which leads to sustainable production. Fair prices also ensure that the families of these small farmers are able to be educated and access improved healthcare. Sustainable fair trade coffee leads to sustainable communities.

The Coffea Plant

Fairtrade Coffee Comes without a conscience
Fair Trade Coffee Comes Without a Conscience

Coffee beans are picked by hand when ripe and roasted to various degrees, to release the rich aromas of the bean, and then ground before being infused in hot water to produce a bitter slightly acid flavour drink to which is often added milk or cream. The beans are actually the seed from the berries of the Coffea plant, which is native to tropical Africa and the islands of Mauritius. Reunion, Madagascar and the Comoros.

The History and Popularity of Fair Trade Coffee

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world. It is a slightly acidic stimulant that has been exported from tropical Africa and the nearby islands and is now grown in over 70 countries.

The first historical reference to coffee occurs in 15th century Yemen. Yemeni traders appear to have brought coffee from east Africa. From here coffee was then taken to Persia, Turkey and North Africa. It then appeared in Europe and then spread to the rest of the world …. finally to appear in Naples.

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