Motion Graphics, What Are They? Animation With Text?


We are bombarded by a variety of media these days and motion graphics Video is one of the highest growth markets. 71% of consumers say the Facebook video Ads they watch are “Relevant” or “highly relevant”. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. For small businesses who use social media as part of their marketing efforts, this ultimately means a better return on their ad investment. Think of some recent videos that caught your attention. What did you like about them? Did it encourage you to take the next step?

Motion Graphic Business Card for Social Media

If you’re anything like me, I can’t just pin it on one thing. Every individual part of the video, from the story to the style of the graphics are influential. They complement each other, working together to create something very memorable.

So when it’s boiled down, what is motion graphics? (The Definition)

Motion graphics is animation, but with text as a major component. Basically, it’s animated graphic design.

Ever since motion graphics first appeared in the market place, there’s been a debate about the line between this and full animation. For example, is Kuntzel + Deygas who stylistically transpose the handmade design of Saul Bass using modern digital techniques. Accompanied by John Williams‘ amazing score, the duo’s title sequence for Steven Spielberg’s “Catch me if you can” (2002), where the marriage of sound, motion, and graphic design come together exceptionally well.

Motion graphics are an effective way to communicate with the viewer and add depth to the story. Together with music and instructive copy, they give us a defined message. We use them to create ads, title sequences for movies, explainer videos and to share information. Many of our clients use motion graphics to help communicate their message to their customers.

Motion Graphics Examples

Let’s take a look at some examples of motion graphics we’ve produced.

For instance, Energy giant UNIPA were looking to refresh their health and safety videos, something that would set their videos apart from others. The new design, by Studio Mitchell, is a meld of a high-quality CGI animated character specially developed for them and a strong emphasis on typography. Subsequently, we think it’s fair to say you don’t see something like this in a health and safety briefing every day.

UNIPA Character designed by Studio Mitchell

Telling a story

In this piece for Exeter University the animation plays a supporting role to the voiceover, and really only exists to support the story. Another definition of motion graphics, therefore, could be that they’re moving illustrations for narratives.

Explaining a concept

Motion Graphics are great for creating a powerful adverts/explainer videos . YELL used motion graphics to illustrate their key product points. It’s an effective way to support a concept because it can help the viewer visualise it in a way a presentation can’t.

Therefore next time you create an explainer video, consider using motion graphics to support a point or to help the viewer see the information you share in a different way.

Share a product video

Meanwhile product videos are a great way to get your product in front of customers and increase sales. Motion graphics can help you create fun, entertaining and engaging product videos that are cheaper to produce than full animation, and bring something a little different to the table, like these videos Studio Mitchell produced for Volt Loudspeakers.

Volt Loudspeaker Animated Text and CGI 3D animation by Studio Mitchell

Likewise, here for the cutting edge brush manufacturer Harris Brushes.

Harris Brushes CGI 3D animation and explainer motion graphic video

How to make a motion graphic

To sum it up you can use animated text to inject life and humour into a presentation or video in a variety of contexts. Making an infographic video? Give those statistics pizzaz by adding some motion graphics. Use them in videos you make to share on social media. Motion graphic videos are fantastic for getting your point across in an explainer video. It’s a really effective, affordable way to make a video.

So, why don’t you give motion graphics a try, contact Mark for a free no-obligation chat?

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