OTA (Online Travel Agents) & How To Market A Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Tearoom, Wine bar, Pub, Or Pizzeria


Over the last few years Online Travel Agents (OTA) have gained a huge degree of momentum. These are the sites such as OpenTable, TopTable,  etc that enable people to book a table at your establishment via the OTA system. With huge marketing and SEO budgets these guys dominate Page One of Google and have their place in any booking strategy. But it may not mean you utilise them 100% of the time as they charge a fee and its far preferable to get the customer to book direct on your website or by phone. On your website negates the need to have staff on the phone during a busy service.

Your OTA is taking your hard earned profit. This is how to overcome the OTA orofit grab
Your OTA is taking your hard earned profit.

( I see Toast POS,TouchBistro, Zomato Base, Clover, ShopKeep, HotSchedules, Falcon.io,  Revel Systems POS,  Lightspeed Restaurant &  eDeliveryApp, offered as alternatives to those I mention, but I have no experience of them. Some maybe be more focused on other restaurant tasks such as order taking and POS activities.).

We have our own web based system that allows your website to handle all your bookings, manage them on a mobile device and manage/aggregate all your OTAs as well. It’s called Take Control and you can find more info here …

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