Positive & Negative Communications


Positive Communications Or Negative Communications:

Negative Communications

Negative Communications

There are two ways to communicate. Negatively or positively.

In this image the pub concerned have put up a sign that explicitly says, NO ENTRY.

Worse than that it uses a circle and diagonal bar symbol to bar the way.

That’s like saying NO not once but twice.

Worse still it was a sign people saw as they walked from the car park to the main entrance. I saw one group look at the sign and turn away, back to their car.

It’s a very negative way to communicate. There’s a better way.




Positive Signposting and Communication Strategies

Positive Signposting and Communication Strategies

A sign that says “Entrance”, and uses an arrow to signpost the way, is a positive way to achieve the same thing.

Another way to achieve positivity is to explain why.

Social Distancing – Entrance” with an arrow showing where we should go.




Other Positive and Negative Signalling Situations

It’s not just signage where we can be positive or negative.

The same principle applies in adverts, with website buttons and in hundreds of other situations.

Every negative communication can be turned on its head and can become a positive message.

Try it. It can significantly increase good communications and give you more satisfied customers




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