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With queues in supermarkets, I wanted to create a group where we can discuss small scale home food production and waste avoidance. Not only because every lettuce or cabbage produced in our gardens and window boxes is one that doesn’t have to be queued for, but also because growing plants is great therapy in these troubled times.

This is a group for beginners and those with more experience to share experience, advice and ask questions.

My personal experience is one of being an amateur veg gardener today, but with a commercial growing background. Many decades ago I owned and ran a market garden growing 5 acres of veg outdoors, under glass and under plastic. Having said that I have to confess that back garden growing is totally unlike growing commercially. So my advice here is purely small scale/gardening related.

The other thing to note here is that I’m living and gardening in Sidmouth, Devon, UK. Our climate is relatively mild as we are only a mile from the sea. So timings in my posts will be based on this location and will need adapting for where you live. I’ll explain how to do that as I post.

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This website offers in-depth articles on a variety of fruit and veg gardening topics and is associated with the How to Dig for Victory group on Facebook.

The Group posts include additional quick tips and are where members can post, ask questions and comment.

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